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Saving Products

> About Savings Accounts
These accounts are characterised by their absolute liquidity to attend treasury needs such as the cash desk service and investment Security given by Ibercaja's own responsibility .

> ¿What is a current acount in currency
Ibercaja offers accounts to minors. From the age of 14, you can have a Young Account.

> ¿What is a current account?
A Current Account is an irregular deposit contract by virtue of which a credit entity is obliged, under the payer's orders, to give a "cash desk service" (to manage charges and receipts caused, derived from the availability).

> ¿What is a current acount in currency?
It is the same as a current account, only the customer makes the movements in foreign currency (withdrawals and deposits). This type of account is normally held by people who make large movements and have activities abroad.

> ¿How long does a current account last?
Current accounts are indefinite. However, as it is a contract, both parties may terminate it. If a customer convenes the rules, Ibercaja has the right to unilaterally decide to close an account, without any need for expressing the cause.

> ¿How much does Ibercaja charge for the current account service?
Ibercaja charges maintenance commission, depending on the type of account. The Maintenance Commission is charge on the interest settlement of each account, and is proportional to the time passed in the year. There are two exemptions from maintenance commision: If you have a salary or pension and young people up to 25 with an associated card.

> ¿What do savings books consist of?
Savings books are money deposits.
There are mainly:

  • Young Accounts: The Cuenta + Joven is an account at sight the holder of which is a minor and the availability of which is conditioned to the signing by a person of age. Commission-free. Standing orders admitted. High remuneration and total liquidity.

  • Housing: The Housing Savings Book is an account at sight for resident physical persons, intended for saving for one's first dwelling or the refurnishment of one's normal dwelling. It allows punctual contributions to be made and also an automatic monthly contribution plan to be established.

  • Wealth: The Wealth Savings Book is an account with toital liquidity and high retribution, depending on the balance maintained. As it does not allow standing orders, it can be associated with a current account for automatic transfers whenever needed.

> ¿What are Deposits?
A contract that is intended to constitute a term money deposit and give yield on the funds deposited according to the agreed conditions concerning: minimum amount, contract duration, remuneration, accrual, periodicity and settlement conditions

> ¿What types of deposit are offered by Ibercaja?
There are four types of deposit: Fixed Term Deposits, Structured Deposits, Combined Products and the Mixer.

> ¿What are Fixed Term Deposits?
They are conventional fixed term deposits. There are many fixed term investment options. The customer chooses the amount, the time, and, of course, when they want to collect the interest. With this type of deposit, the customer knows from the outset at profitability they are gaining from their investment. And the capital always guaranteed.

> ¿What are Structured Deposits?
This is a mixed product, with yields that are conditioned by the evolution of certain assets or markets (interest rates or stock market indexes, currencies, etc), according to the Ibercaja guarantee in each case.

Part of the capital is invested in a fixed income product for a certain time. The rest of the capital is invested in derived products to assure a yield depending on a certain asset or market index.

> ¿What are Combined Deposits?
This is an investment formula that combines two products: a Traditional Fixed Term, with high retribution and total liquidity, with one of the Products Referenced to Stock Market Values or Indexes in force at the time (Structured Deposit) or a Guaranteed Investment Fund.

> ¿What is the Mixer?
This allows customers to create their own financial product, so they are given the option of "mixing" a structured fixed term with any other product. The customers may determine the interest rate they wish to obtain from the fixed term deposit and the time for which they wish to invest it.

> ¿When are the deposited funds available?
It depends on the type of deposit you want to make.

> ¿What commission is charged by Ibercaja?
This varies with the type of deposit. They are normally opening and cancellation. Opening commissions are usually exempt in the majority of deposits.


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