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Thanks to the free Ibercaja Directo service, you can carry out the operations you usually do in the office, through the :
  • Land or mobile phone
  • Computer connected to Internet
You just have to sign a contract and you will be given unique identification keys for either of these channels. And you will benefit from:
  • Special commissions
  • Exclusive products
  • A card specially designed for Internet secure purchases.
  • Access to the accounts and products of which you are the holder.

For using our Distance Banking, you will enjoy:
  • Comfort: Without waiting or travel, from a telephone or computer, you can carry out the operations you usually perform from your office..

  • Security: The information you exchange with our entity travels through Internet privately and with total security, thanks to encrypting systems. In addition, in your Internet purchases, the Ibercaja Directo Card gives you total security.

  • Free: The service is free and you only pay for the telephone call or Internet connection.

  • Immediate: Orders are processed at the time.

  • Exclusive: For being a customer of our Ibercaja service, you can contract exclusive products and enjoy low commission.

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